Fibre View: katialis ointment for acne

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

katialis ointment for acne

katialis ointment for acne
Acne had always been troubling me and so I had been trying new products just to check if any of them helped me in controlling acne. Few months back a friend recommended using katialis ointment as it contained antibacterial properties and stopped the growth thereby checking acne. 

Being pretty cheap a brought home a tube of katialis ointment and started using it but even after 2 weeks of using the product I didn’t find any significant chance on my skin. Actually the acne had gone from bad to worse and I was a little more perturbed. I tried it for a week more and when it didn’t have any positive effect on my acne, I simply dumped the product in the bin and used a normal cream which should much better result than katialis ointment. 

So, katialis ointment, in my opinion is a waste of money and should be avoided, all the claims of the product working on acne or treating acne is false and personally it is just a waste of money. Yes, it is cheap but what’s the use when it doesn’t fight acne or have any positive effect on the skin problems.

I have also used katialis soap and didn’t find it anything better, it has that pungent smell which is just so annoying early in the morning and like it’s ointment it also doesn’t have any positive result on the skin problems so it is a waste of money as well.


IgorotaOnTheMove said...

Hi, im sorry the product didn't work for you. But in my case, it did wonders in clearing my acne. Maybe you can try royale's Kojic soap. It also cleared my acne but when my skin got used to it, the effect disappeared. That's why i tried other products and stumbled on katialis.

Ellen Langres said...

same as with me! katialis cream is totally a waste of money. instead of forseeing the good side effect it can make u harm specially with skin..BIG PROBLEM!!! so be careful of this product it is written there indicated for prickly heat, eczema, dandruff, pimples, ringworm, tinea flava, underarm odor, atletes foor, external hemorrhoids and insect bites but this is ALL lie..result is itchiness, thinner skin, edematous..

Eme said...

Way back in high school I had a severe problem on my acnes especially on the forehead, then I sa Katialis on a regional commercial, then I tried it. At first, you will experience itchiness and peeling, but after that, you're acnes will fade away, Use it twice a day and your acne problems will be gone. No pain, no gain.