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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Elica cream

Elica cream 

Recently I was diagnosed with Skin Eczema and had to visit a doctor. Symptoms generally include itching, skin reddening, etc. The doctor prescribed me Elica cream and CZ3 tablets. I had used CZ3 tablets previously but Elica cream was something new for me and was a little inquisitive about it. The doctor told me that it was a medication specially formulated to fight skin diseases like Eczema, skin irritation, reddening and hypersensitivity.

So I started using Elica cream and administering CZ3 tablets as advised by the doctor and I must say Elica cream is a wonder product for from the very first use, itching subsided which really was a great relief and subsequently it with continual use it helped me fight all symptoms of Eczema. It took me about 2 weeks of continuous use to get rid of Eczema completely and if not for the soothing Elica cream it surely would have been a painful and terrible experience.

Though it was prescribed to me by my doctor, Elica cream is available over the counter and can be used on minor irritations, bee stings, skin hives and hypersensitivity without the recommendation of a doctor but yes it is safe to take his advice to avoid complications.

Skin Eczema is something which keeps appearing every now and then so no medicine can get rid of it completely but yes now with Elica cream I know how to fight it. The next time I suffer from Skin Eczema, I have no plans of consulting a doctor, instead would direct start using Elica cream as I am very conficent about the skin product.

As for the price, Elica skin cream is fairly priced at about a dollar or so, thus you don't have to waste plenty of money when a ordinary skin product can treat it safely.

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