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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Constellation Energy Reviews

Constellation Energy Reviews
Constellation Energy is a business enterprise providing electricity to states using deregulated energy supplies. As a consumer it means, you have the option of choosing your electricity supply and the amount you pay for your power supply. Constellation Energy is a Baltimore based energy supplied providing electricity, energy services, and natural gases to businesses as well as home. Constellation Energy for home is restricted to the following areas: Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio and Illinois. As for business Constellation Energy provides energy to 38 different regions which includes Washington D.C.

They also work in collaboration with consultants, affiliates, brokers, aggregators, associations as well as chambers. These partnerships aids the Constellation Energy business to endow with a variety of functionality which includes, new products and services, market intelligence ,energy management approaches and various special offers. Constellation Energy is also socially active and promotes activities which includes saving energy, prevention of pollution check and other activities which aids in preserving natural resources.

Features of Constellation Energy
Constellation Energy is a venture of a Fortune 500 company and is had an annual income of $ 14.3 billion in 2010. Though Constellation Energy hasn’t established itself as a home energy supplier but it is well established for business customers. They are also seriously venturing on sustenance of energy sources for the next generation. Since all states don’t have a deregulated energy system and gas supply, Constellation Energy till date only provides energy for home for four areas but is likely to enlarge further into the home energy supply as more area gets deregulated. Constellation Energy promotes widespread energy efficiency and they provide with a free power meter, once you become a member, for monitoring energy usage. The company also stands for the government preparation to decrease carbon discharge by 80 % from current discharge by 2050.
Constellation Energy vs. other alternative energy companies

Bounce Energy based in Texas and Green Mountain Energy is the other two alternative energy sources challenging Constellation Energy. Both serve states which have deregulated energy plans. Bounce Energy provides a variety of packages which includes green energy plans, monthly as well as fixed plans.” Low electricity rates, superior rewards” is the tagline for Bounce Energy and they certainly have created a variety of plans to bring down the pricing structure. Besides Bounce energy also provides a reward plan which provides movie tickets, free air tickets, free electricity, and bill credits. On the other hand Green Mountain Energy is dedicated to facilitate renewable energy for both home as well as business clients. So Green Mountain Energy provides an environmental friendly source of energy. Constellation Energy comes in between the two energy provider in terms of environment efficacy. Though it is not renewable source of energy but it promotes energy efficiency and also is conducting searching on finding alternative and sustainable source of energy. Besides, Constellation Energy covers widespread area over United States when compared to Bounce Energy and Green Mountain Energy.

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Jeanni said...

DO NOT SIGN UP for Constellation Energy. I was promised a $75 bonus gift card for each - gas & electric. One year later, and dozens of phone calls and I have yet to receive the bonus. I would NOT recommend this company to anyone!